March Fifth Week

UOI : Students inquired and created a timeline about how stories started from caves through drawings and how they are being shared in the present.They understood the differences between genres like folk, fables, myths and legends through a classroom discussion. In their library class, they browsed through various sections of the library and understood how books were organized. In the process, they found out different sub genres and books under different categories. They read a story and analyzed its elements like character, plot, problem etc. They understood that a well-constructed story should include all the elements.

English : Students revisited the format and checklist of an informal letter by going through the same in their journals. They further revisited parts of a letter namely heading, address, greeting, body and signature line through a discussion. Students wrote individual informal letters to their friends telling them about how they spent their spring break. As integration with the current unit of inquiry, students were narrated a story. This was followed by identification of the five elements of a story namely character, setting, conflict, plot and theme.

Math : Students brainstormed about the term ‘temperature’and created a mind map to showcase their thoughts. They learned about the standard units of temperature the technique of reading a thermometer. Students also did a recap of time, reading the clock and displaying the time in 12 hour format.

French : Students received feedback by the teacher and self-assessed their homework on the verbs ‘ETRE’ and ‘AVOIR’, hence developing their thinking (comprehension and application) skills.

Spanish : Students did a recapitulation of the body parts and clothing learned in previous classes. They also worked on Student Led Conference by creating their portfolios and writing their reflection based on the activities done in class.Students were also told about their errors in the homework sheets and how to correct them.

Hindi : To enhance their reading skill, students read a story ‘बीरबलकीखिचड़ी’ with correct punctuation marks, pronunciation and intonation. They identified the structure ofसंयुक्तव्यंजन and constructed sentences from संयुक्तव्यंजन to enhance their writing skill.To improve their vocabulary, they took a spell bee through an interactive activityH

In their Hindi ab-initio classes, students enhanced their writing and comprehension skills by doing various exercises. They recited a poem ‘aamvaalaa’ and enhanced their vocabulary by learning new letters and maatraa words. They honed their speaking skills by engaging in self introductory exercises.

During the dance lesson, students focused on cleaning of a jazz dance routine with music. Combination of jazz walk, isolation and pirouette were introduced to enhance understanding of space.

Music :Students were apprised about Major Scales (C Major Scale) and all terms related to it like Notes and Scale. They also learned how to form a major scale (Formula of Major Scale). They enjoyed learning the song “What a Wonderful World”I

During the ICT classes, students discussed different ways of constructing a story, important elements of a story and the apps that can be used for storytelling. They wrote their understanding of the same on a Padlet wall.

Physical Education: Students practiced basketball passing skills like bounce pass and chest pass.

Bounce pass- To execute a two-handed bounce-pass, start the ball at your chest, step toward your teammate and push the ball (flicking your wrists) to your teammate.

Chest pass- Execute by gripping the ball on the sides with the thumbs directly behind the ball. When the pass is thrown, the fingers are rotated behind the ball and the thumbs are turned down.

Students also played some recreational games like 3-A-side basketball match and dodge ball.

Visual Arts : While integrating with their current unit, under the TD Theme ‘How we express ourselves’, students inquired about “puppetry” as a form of storytelling. Through a presentation on, “Puppets from India”, students gained an understanding of puppets from different states of India, their unique style, and materials used in creating them. They also analyzed different types of puppets like string, shadow, rod, stick, finger, and glove puppets. 

Library : Grade 3 children shared stories read from the books bought from the book fair and the books that they read during the Holi break.

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