March 1st Week

 During the unit of inquiry classes, students further strengthened their understanding of the reasons and the impacts of partition of India and the
California gold rush on the respective nations and the world at large. They recalled the positive and negative impacts of migration on the origin country and the host country through class and group discussions. They diligently practiced for the unit of inquiry presentation. Students also attempted a formative assessment on reasons and impact of migration.

 Students were shown samples and introduced to opinion writing during
English classes. They were given thought provoking real life scenarios to brainstorm and share their opinion. They also gave reasons to justify their opinion. Students integrated with their unit of inquiry on ‘Migration’ by giving their opinion on whether migration is a boon or a bane.

During Math lessons, students were introduced to the unit of mass. An
exploration corner was set up which housed a weighing scale and various objects of different weights. Students came in groups and tried to find out the objects that had the same size but different weight, same weight but different size; objects that weighed more than 1 kg and less than 2 kg. They also practiced conversion sums from larger unit to smaller unit and vice versa.

Hindi: To enhance their reading and speaking skills, students read the story ‘रंगीन पक्षी’ and discussed it in class. They also discussed about migrant personalities and push and pull factors that decided the need for migration.

In their Hindi ab-initio classes, students read a story ‘bandar aur chidiyaa’ and enhanced their reading, writing and comprehension skills by doing exercises based on the story. They revisited viseshan (adjective) and kriya (verb) using flash cards. They learned about the push and pull factors related to famous migrant personalities.

 Students enthusiastically practiced the French version of the song ‘Together we can change the world’ for their Unit of Inquiry presentation.

Students enhanced their social and communication skills while rehearsing
Spanish version of the song ‘Together we can change the world’ for their UOI presentation. Students also learned new vocabulary words through this song.

Visual art: To create a textile design/ pattern students repeated their motif by using a cut-out. They carefully traced the design to create a pattern and coloured it keeping in mind the Indo- Persian elements. Students refined their work based on the feedback given and also reflected on the designs they created.

Library: Grade 3 children celebrated American litterateur Megan McDonald’s birthday whose most popular series ‘Judy Moody’ is much appreciated and loved by the children of primary grades.
The Judy Moody series follows the humorous adventures of a third grader with plenty of attitude and a mood to fit every occasion. This delightful series is loaded with laughs and moments of wisdom as readers follow Judy through her oddball adventures. Author Megan McDonald received Garden State Children’s Book Award for penning this Younger Fiction series.

Students created independent solo routine with music of their choice. Split
and core workout helped them balance on their toes. They learnt Latin dance form salsa as part of their unit related presentation about the impact of migration.

Music: The students practiced karaoke singing and gave a solo performance using drums and keyboard. They also explored various genres of music.  

ICT:  Students gave final touches to their Scratch projects and were assessed on them. They made beautiful presentations and learned basic coding through Scratch.

PE: Students practiced badminton skills like forehand gripping, stance and forehand rally. Introduction to the forehand serve enabled them to manoeuvre their body around the net, with the shuttlecock and racket. 
International Mother Language Day was celebrated on 21 st  of February. The main purpose of celebrating this day was to promote linguistic diversity & multilingual education so as to highlight greater awareness for the mother tongue. Parents volunteered & conversed with students using different languages while engaging in storytelling, dancing and singing.

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